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In relation to a Tribunal appointment on a high value international dispute:

Your Quantum section was a tour de force – all done under extreme pressure, but with impeccable results…you are a superb colleague: you deliver on time and your product is perfect.

Pre-eminent Queens Counsel, Keating Chambers, London

“Thank you for your dedication and hard work on this matter. Your report is the most articulate and persuasive independent expert report I have ever read and it was the centrepiece of our case against the Claimant. The clear and precise content of your report was instrumental in helping us to obtain an amicable settlement for our client.”

Senior Partner, International Law Firm

“…the award is pretty much entirely in our favour. We were awarded only about US$100k less than we had claimed and they got nothing for their counterclaims. All in, we got just shy of US$30 million.

As you will see, the Tribunal placed particular reliance on your evidence, which it accepted without qualification. Thanks very much indeed for all your valuable work on this.”

Senior Partner – International Law Firm

“I would like to thank the whole team for the time, effort and passion that was put into the Commercial Acumen Module. The results were presented to the Committee last week, attend by our Chairman and CEO and there was overwhelming support for the team and collaborative nature of the programme.”

Executive General Manager – Commercial – Tier 1 Australian Contractor   

“Your preparation, focus on details and keeping to facts resulted in a great presentation.

I made the presentation yesterday to open the mediation session. I knew there was a solid background to the PowerPoint and this gave me confidence that our argument was solid.

Great work. Thanks!”

Director Projects – Renewable Energy Multinational

“The contribution of Aston to the Project has been remarkable starting when we won the Expert Determination in September 2017.

Your commercial contribution to the Project and the good integration that you and your people have done within our organization has doubtlessly been a key factor in our success.

Aston has a lot of involvement in many of our other projects and we would like to continue with this good relationship.”

Construction Director – Major International Contracting Organisation

“We would like to thank Aston for providing [name withheld] to us for the past 27 months or so. He has been a valuable addition to the team and his input has been instrumental, in achieving our target commercial result and meeting our objectives.”

Commercial Manager – Metro Project, Australia

“Aston’s consultant complemented the team on a number of projects in our regional portfolio during construction peaks and times when capacity was finite. Aston provided the highest standard of commercial support to our projects including: SOPA adjudications; upstream and downstream administration; revenue recovery strategy; and claims. The Aston resource was committed, hard-working and solutions oriented.  His work ethic and resolve are assets to any project. I would recommend Aston to any contractor.” 

National Commercial and Risk Manager – Tier 2 Contractor 

“We engaged Aston on a major bridge construction project as experts to assess an extension of time and delay cost claim and to give some commercial advice. Dealing with an extremely complex situation and under a delivery partner model, Aston were able to defend our entitlements, providing us commercial advice in the first stage of our design & construction contract in order to deliver a very successful project for all the parties and stakeholders.”

Project Director – International Construction Organisation