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Expert Services

The diverse professional backgrounds of our Directors and consultants coupled with their legal training allow us to bridge the techno-legal gap and facilitate a quick understanding of complex disputes and the provision of comprehensive expert services.

Led by our Executive Director Simon Lowe, Aston Consult’s expert services include:

1. Expert Witness Services

Our Directors and consultants are experienced in acting as independent expert witnesses in arbitration, litigation and other formal dispute proceedings, including the provision of expert evidence and opinion under cross-examination. Our two key areas of expert witness service are:


Our Quantum Expert Services include the provision of written and oral expert opinion on all monetary matters relating to building and engineering projects, including:

  • Prolongation costs

  • Disruption costs

  • Acceleration costs

  • Termination costs

  • Valuation of variations

  • Quantum meruit claims

  • Loss and expense and damages claims


Our Delay Expert Services include the provision of written and oral expert opinion on all time related matters relating to building and engineering projects, including:

  • Critical delays and extensions of time

  • Disruption

  • Acceleration

2. Expert Advisory

Our expert advisory services include the provision of recommended actions and best practices that are necessary to maximise the chances of success in claim submissions and dispute resolution matters. This includes carrying out health checks, which analyse and report on the strengths and weaknesses of existing claim submissions and dispute situations and provide recommendations on the appropriate strategy and course of action to be implemented.

Our expert advisory service focusses on the amicable resolution of disputes and can often help clients to comprehend the true potential of their claims and the related chances of success, which ultimately can lead to a reduction in costs.

3. Third Party Independent Assessment

We are often engaged to undertake assessments of claims and/or disputes as a preliminary measure prior to the initiation of formal dispute proceedings (e.g. adjudication, expert determination, arbitration or litigation). These services result in third-party independent advice on the strengths of claim submissions including the related evidentiary documentation and are often made in contemplation of further proceedings and as a pre-curser to full Expert Witness appointments.