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Commercial, Contract and Program Management

On construction and engineering bids and projects, the implementation of rigorous, robust yet practical commercial, contractual and program management procedures is critical to success.

Led by our Executive Director Joe Briers, Aston Consult provides technical expertise during the Pre-Contract (bid and negotiation) and Post Contract (construction) phases of projects to provide you with support in the following areas;

1. Bid / Tender Phase

  • Preparation and drafting of Memorandum of Understandings, Teaming Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Tender Services Deeds and similar;
  • Delivery Model/Procurement Strategy analysis and selection;
  • Procurement advice, preparation, evaluation, recommendation and award;
  • Review / Preparation of Head Contract terms and conditions;
  • Review of Contract Conditions and Preparation of Commercial/Contract Risk Profiles;
  • Preparation of Mitigation measures and/or Contractual and Commercial qualifications;
  • Review of Supply Chain qualifications and preparing responses;
  • Preparation of Tender documentation including Risk and Opportunity Management Schedules;
  • Cash-flow Forecasting and Analysis.

2. Delivery / Construction Phase

  • Functional advice on commercial team structure, responsibilities and competency framework;
  • Supply chain procurement advice, preparation, evaluation, recommendation and award;
  • Budget setting, Work Breakdown Structure development and advice, Cash-flow Forecasting;
  • Commercial Risk and Opportunity Management and Coordination;
  • Preparation and implementation of contractual and commercial administrative systems including Change Controls (Corporate and Project specific);
  • Drafting of contractual and commercial correspondence (Head Contract and Supply Chain);
  • Commercial training and development at Project or Corporate level;
  • Variation identification, valuation preparation, submission and negotiation;
  • Representation at contract and commercial progress meetings;
  • Contract and commercial management of sub-contractors and suppliers;
  • Contract Performance Reviews and Reporting procedures;
  • Insurance claim preparation, negotiation and settlement;
  • Final account management.

3. Scheduling and Planning

  • Baseline schedule development and review;
  • Schedule analysis and critical path analysis;
  • Schedule risk identification, constructability analysis and mitigation;
  • Tender Scheduling;
  • Design, Procurement and Construction Scheduling;
  • Project Close Out and Systems Commissioning Scheduling;
  • Schedule Narrative Development;
  • Schedule Health Check Assessment;
  • Schedule Logic Network Development;
  • Work Breakdown Structure Development;
  • Process Mapping;
  • Planning Team Management and Training;
  • Construction and Logistics Phasing Plans;
  • Peer Reviews;
  • Progress Monitoring and Reporting;
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reporting;
  • Management Dashboard Reporting.

4. Risk Management

  • A growing area in complex engineering and construction projects and programs of work is Risk Management. Risk is inherent to varying degrees in all forms of construction. The assessment and effective management of risk is fundamental to the achievement of the project’s critical success factors. Risks that are not properly identified and managed are likely to lead to delay, cost overruns, conflicts and disputes.
  • Based on our detailed experience of dealing with live, large-scale infrastructure projects and expert commercial and contractual knowledge both internationally and domestically, Aston Consult understands the actual risks involved as opposed to theoretical scenarios. We understand the different drivers from both international and domestic parties and are well placed to advise on what is an acceptable level of risk for the scope of work and what party is best able to manage the relevant risks.
  • Our risk management services, which form part and parcel of our Commercial and Contractual Management Services are tailored to ensure that all risks are identified, analysed and appropriately managed at both Project and Corporate level.