Aston wins RICS Dispute Resolution Team of the Year Award!

Aston Consult are thrilled to announce they have won the RICS Award for the category of Dispute Resolution Team of the Year for outstanding dispute resolution in construction on Sydney Light Rail.

The award recognises the provision of services in any of the following:

  • Expert Determination or Expert Witness
  • Adjudication
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Claims advice or conflict avoidance

RICS panelist of Judges stated, “The team have shown an innovative approach and have demonstrated high performance teamwork.

RICS panelist of Judges stated “The team have shown an innovative approach and have demonstrated high performance teamwork.”

Executive Director, James Funge who led the Claims Team on Sydney Light Rail said “I understand that this is the first year that this category has been available for organisations such as Aston Consult, who work predominantly in the field of Dispute Resolution and so that makes it very special.

The Infrastructure industry, which is one major sector that Aston Consult specialise in, is frequently ‘recognised’ by main stream media but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons, with such Projects as East-West Link and Westgate in Melbourne and Sydney Light Rail in Sydney being highlighted as ‘National’ or ‘State’ debacles.  Nevertheless, a substantial amount of hard work is undertaken by all Parties on these major projects, which is very rarely publicised or recognised so it is important that the negative press associated political and corporate issues are balanced with positive social support for the good work that is undertaken by all participants and their respective supply chains.

This category is unique to our niche expertise in the quantity surveying profession, that is, quantum experts and construction claim professionals in the construction and infrastructure industry.

Managing a Team of over 40 claims personnel, the Aston Team were interspersed within each Claims Team, and sat side by side with the Client’s team, fully integrated.  It was a very diverse mix of personnel and nationalities, working together, cross-collaborating to ensure that all Claims were produced on time and to a high quality, which ultimately led to a successful negotiation for the client.  As the Claims Manager, I had management responsibility for all (client and consultant) personnel and it was a pleasure to watch the team collaborate, overcome challenges and work side-by-side for the best possible outcome.”

The RICS announcement video can be found here

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