Aston Consult at the IAQ Assembly 2021

The Infrastructure Association of Queensland Inc (IAQ) is the peak body representing the infrastructure industry in Queensland. Their purpose is to foster private sector investment in infrastructure and provide a deeper understanding between the public and private sectors. 

Aston Consult were priveliged to be a part of the converstaion at the 2021 IAQ Assembly held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, with networking and industry leaders speaking on the State infrastructure that will create a thriving future for Queenslanders.


Key takeaways for the Brisbane team were:

  • Government and industry are working together in a true collaborative sense and this recognition was well received by the audience
  • Queensland is primed to become a superpower in the renewable energy sector and Prof. Ross Garnaut and Dr Maia Schweitzer were inspirational
  • Lessons learned from previous Olympics are invaluable to making the 2032 Games a true success story
  • Skill shortages are a likely risk to us all and diversity, immigration and collaboration will form the new pathway for this “Golden decade
  • The aviation industry has done it tough but has demonstrated incredible resilience with the challenges it has faced
  • IAQ is truly a champion for change and there is real momentum from all to make Queensland the state to live in and work in.



Aston Consult’s Senior Associate Director, Douglas Wilson, with IAQ Chair, Terry Rossitto, at the IAQ Assembly 2021.

IAQ is helping to create a Bold Vision for Queensland and drive reform in our sector. IAQ’s strength lies in diversity, representing the entire ecosystem of the sector with members from all disciplines in infrastructure.

Thank you to IAQ CEO, Priscilla Radice, and our colleagues at IAQ for organising such influential speakers and thought leaders. We walked away smarter.

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